Imagine a world in which buying and selling a home came with the option of an “easy button” that made the process feel a little less like a full time job and a little more like a seamless transition to a new community of resources and friends.

Wait! Did we just hear you laugh out loud a little?

We get it: sounds like a lofty ideal that, frankly, you just can’t even imagine. We hear it all the time: “Buying and selling a home is so much work! Who knew there was so much to think about and schedule?”

And, we agree.

So, we put our heads together and we’ve crafted that “easy button” you’ve longed for in past home buying and selling ventures. Our years of building client relationships in real estate and our shared experience of being in the thick of living life (coupled with all the crazy that brings) made us take a step back to reevaluate and pioneer a better way.

Insert: the easy button we call "The Shelby Kennedy Team’s White Glove Approach”. When working with our team’s agents, you are unburdened of the mundane and stressful tasks so that you can fall in love with the excitement of this season of life. We craft an adventure you actually enjoy rather than dread.

Here are just a few of the ways you can expect White Glove Service from The Shelby Kennedy Team:
* Provide Insurance and Home Warranty policy quotes
* Order Home Warranty Policy
* Coordinate quotes for packing and moving services (and schedule them too!) * Order packing materials and moving boxes
* Arrange move-in/move-out housekeeping services
* Set up mail forwarding
* Schedule handyman services
* Coordinate pet boarding during showings
* Transfer utilities

Our aim to provide world-class service stems from our belief that we are more than just your realtors; our agents are your partners. With that perspective driving us from start to finish, our team of keen experts and strategic thinkers prioritize providing you a luxurious and all-encompassing experience.